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Why use VxWorks?

Key differentiators & advantages of VxWorks

  • Wind River® Advanced Networking Technologies provides advanced networking and network management capabilities that span from core networking to security, wireless, and mobility for a variety of devices such as wireless infrastructure, network infrastructure, consumer devices, and industrial automation and control.
  • Wind River® Mobile IP provides an efficient, scalable mechanism that allows users to roam seamlessly among wireless networks. 
  • Wind River® Wireless Ethernet Driver provides access point and station-side support for the industry-standard 802.11a, b, and g protocols. Designed to work with any wireless chipset, the driver comes standard with direct support for Atheros AR500x wireless chipsets. A fully abstracted hardware interface layer provides ease of portability to other wireless chips.
  • VxWorks® includes optimized support for the important APIs and standard protocols you require to build robust, real-time platforms.
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