Benefits and Insights

Why use VMware View?

Key differentiators & advantages of VMware View

  • Simplify Management and Increase Control - Easily manage tens of thousands of end users from a centralized administrative interface. Streamline key IT processes such as provisioning, connection brokering, policy enforcement, performance monitoring and application assignment. Increase  security and compliance by moving data into the datacenter, centrally enforcing endpoint security and policy configuration and streamlining antivirus processes.

  • Reduce TCO Up to 50 Percent - Do more with fewer resources and less time and money. Centralizing desktop infrastructure with Horizon View makes it faster, easier and less costly for IT staff to provision, maintain and monitor desktop images and applications throughout their entire life cycle. Decrease support calls and reduce end-user downtime for improved overall workplace productivity.

  • Deliver a Better Desktop Experience - Horizon View delivers the best end-user experience across locations and devices. Horizon View with PCoIP adapts to the end user’s network connection to provide a high-quality customized desktop experience over the LAN and WAN. Users can flexibly connect to their Horizon View desktop from a variety of devices, including desktops, thin or zero clients and mobile devices. Mobile end users can access their Horizon View desktops even when disconnected from the network. Horizon View supports 3D graphics rendering, unified communications and service continuity even in the event of high packet loss—as well as multimonitor and rich-media capabilities. The results are a rich, seamless user experience and maximum productivity for all types of end users.

  • Standardize on the Industry-Leading Platform - Horizon View is built on the industry-leading VMware vSphere® virtualization platform, providing unparalleled performance, scalability, reliability and availability for virtual desktop environments. Your organization can standardize on a single common platform for your entire IT infrastructure—from the desktop to the datacenter—to enable private and public cloudbased desktop services.

  • Enable Agile Business-Process Outsourcing - Rapidly extend IT resources to third-party service providers as an integrated desktop with unified-communication capability and minimal bandwidth requirements—without sacrificing control over security policies or administrative privileges. Horizon View delivers a purpose-built “business-process desktop” for secure, remote access to easily managed, centrally hosted virtual desktops.

  • Extend Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to Desktops Leverage automated failover, load balancing, backup recovery and other built-in datacenter-class business-continuity and disaster-recovery capabilities to protect desktop data and ensure continuous availability for end users—at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.

  • Accelerate Innovation and Business Agility - Easily integrate new technologies and updates without disruption to end users. Rapidly respond to changing business dynamics—such as those resulting from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures—by easily scaling up and down on demand.

  • Support End-User Productivity with Follow-Me Desktops - Giving end users access to centrally hosted virtual desktops enables them to roam freely from location to location and device to device, increasing workplace productivity without sacrificing security or compliance.

  • Enable Flexible Hardware-Utilization Policies - Enable employees to access their data and applications from their traditional PCs, thin or zero clients, tablets and even personal devices—while maintaining corporate security and compliance policies.

  • Provide a Consistent and Personalized Experience - Enable a seamless end-user experience across sessions by maintaining the user persona with faster login times. Horizon View Persona Management reduces costs by enabling more cost-efficient, stateless floating desktops.
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