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Development, Configuration and Testing On any user preferred IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans or Eclipse etc) Intelligent Auto-Completion and IDE based step-through debugging Ships over 70 Samples and corresponding Unit tests, including end-to-end unit tests Non code-level ESB configuration with the AdroitLogic APIDirector Management and Monitoring Standardized on JMX All management and monitoring tools runs outside of the core ESB instances UConsole - Web based management console UTerm - Scriptable CLI interface for administration Built-in Metrics, Alerting and Connection failure debugging Automated template based metrics reporting to Zabbix Clustering and High-Availability Clustering based on Apache ZooKeeper All nodes are equal, no special administration nodes, or single points of failure Management of a complete cluster via any connected node State replication and content sharing via distributed Caching based on Ehcache Active-Passive nodes, Pinned services and Service Migration on failure Technical Innovations File Caching on RAM disks - Speed of RAM with ease of Files, but with much less GC overhead Transparent Zero-Copy proxying with 'sendfile' system call and Direct Memory Access (DMA), bypassing CPU where possible JDK 6 based in-memory compilation of Java and JSR 223 based mediation fragments Ability to dynamically re/load deployment units (i.e. services, mediation logic etc) atomically during runtime
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