Benefits and Insights

Why use Tech Excel ServiceWise?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tech Excel ServiceWise

  • Self-Service
    Fully customizable self-service portal. The portal is a single-access point for end-users reporting problems, requesting service, downloading software, accessing request forms and for searching knowledge. 

  • Auto-Password Reset
    Users may reset/change their Active Directory password using the password reset forms. For each changed password, a closed incident will be created allowing service managers to report on total number of incidents being automated by reset feature. Current industry averages show that this will reduce the number of calls to service team by approximately 30% for substantial ROI.

  • Email Submission
    Automatically get all every support email to the help desk application and convert them into requests. Whenever a user sends an email, ServiceWise captures that email and logs it as a request, which can be tracked by the user in the self-service portal.

  • Reporting Dashboard
    ServiceWise includes a Home page with an interactive and customizable dashboard for all business processes. Users may customize dashboard report widgets, create drill-down pivot charts, choose page layouts and language settings, and easily organize their user interface by dragging and dropping the various page elements.

  • Notifications
    Alerts and Reminders define notification rules to ensure efficient communication throughout the resolution process. 

  • SLA Management
    Deliver solutions to a request within the defined resolution time and improve your customer satisfaction by defining SLAs and setting up different escalation levels for SLA violations. This helps to prioritize requests increase resource awareness and lower overall costs.

  • Auto-Escalations
    Escalate incidents or problems based on a combination of categories and time criteria including: elapsed time, no progress made, open too long or due date approaching/passed. 

  • Multiple Language Support
    ServiceWise supports multiple languages through language packs that are available by download. The Administrative Client includes an interface for installing new language packs to the system. Once installed, the new language will be an option for each end user to select upon entering the software.

  • Customizable Interface
    Pages and fields are user-defined using a simple GUI tool that allows a complete customization of interfaces and field choices. 

  • User Surveys
    Get to know the satisfaction level of issue resolution and the technicians' competency levels by enabling user surveys. This helps to streamline your IT services and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Events/Tasks
    Create review tasks, testing tasks, and approval tasks throughout the lifetime of any incident or request. 

  • API Integration
    LinkPlus API integration gives customers the ability to write and retrieve stored data within ServiceWise. Integrate with any third-party application using SOAP API.

  • Auto-routing
    Route incidents and problems to an appropriate team member by expertise, availability or a combination of both. Or to a group folder, state or priority depending on your business rules. 

  • Built-in Reporting and Analytics
    Includes complete, out-of-the-box, reporting with list reports, trend reports, summary reports and distribution reports. Each report is easily customizable, and can be saved, on a per-user basis using a simple reporting configuration page. Dynamic Web Query reports may also be created for on-demand management reporting.

  • Business Rules/Workflow
    ServiceWise comes complete with our award-winning point-and-click workflow engine. Implement your unique incident, request and problem resolution processes using the easy to use workflow editor. 

  • Process Oriented Best Practice Templates
    To help make the setup experience easy TechExcel includes templates that will get you started. Of course the unlimited flexibility within ServiceWise means you can change any included process to meet your specific requirements. Best Practice templates for Incident, Change and Problem Management are included out-of-the-box.

  • Knowledgebase
    Integrated knowledge management allows analysts to easily build a knowledge base by adding any type of knowledge document. Public knowledge, available through the self-service portal, improves service and FAQ's standardize resolutions to common issues. Published documents can then be associated with different areas of work so that support teams and end-users can search the knowledge base for self-service content based on their access privileges. 

  • LDAP Authentication and Sync
    Sync end-users as well as support team members directly into ServiceWise with LDAP Syncronization. Secure LDAP sync in also supported.
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