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- AutomationIaaS & PaaS AutomationStackStudio is a portal for developers, tester and operators to automate the most common activities for IaaS and PaaS.- ArchitectureArchitect AWS ApplicationsStackStudio enables architects & designers to quickly create multi-tiered applications by dragging out IaaS and PaaS resources, setting properties and connecting them together.- GovernanceRestricting AccessUse role-based permissions to create users and user groupingsAssign access to role on a per-resource basisOrganize access by environment (dev/test/stage/prod)Audit ControlsMaintaining a log of activities that have happened in your cloud environment is essential. StackStudio tracks all of the changes that were made to cloud resources, logging who made the change and when it occurred.- VisibilityMonitor Operational StacksAfter the systems have been deployed, operations personnel can view the health of each element in the topology. All of the CloudWatch monitors for your application are available in a single view.Events & AlarmsEvery cloud environment has a constant flow of events and alarms being fired. StackStudio displays the events and alarm triggers in real-time to give you visibility into provisioning, de-provisioning, configuration changes and unexpected results.- Multi-CloudA Better ApproachTranscend StackStudio provides direct access to the native services provided by a cloud platform. In addition, it also allows you to control TopStack services running on top of any of the major cloud platforms. This combination gives you fine-grained control over low-level IaaS services as well as cloud portability.
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