Benefits and Insights

Why use SSO Plus?

Key differentiators & advantages of SSO Plus

  • Active Directory-based single sign-on – Enables you to use the current identities, groups and policies built into your existing Active Directory deployment for basing single sign-on and access control for the entire enterprise, without requiring additional authentication methods or a metadirectory.

  • Security & access policy enforcement – Allows you to apply similar controls to client-based single sign-on for the entire enterprise-wide range of applications and systems to which a user may need access using established access policies and Active Directory rules.

  • Single point of strong authentication – Permits a single point of user login/authentication to any of your organization’s systems and applications, including standard username/password logins and the entire range of strong authentication options, such as biometrics, smart cards or token-based two-factor authentication.

  • IT & end-user efficiency – Increases your productivity and eliminates the need for your IT staff to manage user access and reset passwords across a wide range of applications because there’s no need to remember passwords for multiple systems and applications.

  • Compliance support – Achieve common compliance requirements for access control, strong authentication and secure delegation of access rights by implementing a consistent, strong, Active Directory-based infrastructure for access policy enforcement.

  • Audit reporting – Enables you to generate audit reports from sign-on or LDAP data and also gives you the option of producing reports showing statistics.

  • Drag-and-drop configuration – Allows you to easily adapt applications to your unique environment, without requiring modification or custom connectors.

  • Optional fast user switching – Enables you to share a physical workstation using real-time context switching and individual authentication.

  • Optional Password Reset – Enables you to manage your own network password resets by answering secret questions, either through a Web interface or via a Windows login interface.
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