Benefits and Insights

Why use Springsource dm Server?

Key differentiators & advantages of Springsource dm Server

  • Admin console - deploy and manage artifacts, examine diagnostic dumps, and examine bundle wiring, either in the live system or from a resolution failure
  • Equinox console extension - manage Virgo and deployed artifacts
  • Plans - define the artifacts that comprise an application, optionally making the application atomic to tie the artifact lifecycles together, and scoped to isolate the application from other applications
  • Provisioning - automatically supply the dependencies of an application including bundles, plans, plan archives (PARs), and configurations, from both local and remote repositories
  • Web container - supports vanilla WAR files, with all their dependencies in WEB-INF/lib, and Web Application Bundles, that import their dependencies via OSGi manifest metadata, via the embedded Tomcat-based reference implementation of the OSGi WebContainer specification, configured using the standard Tomcat server.xml
  • User region - isolates the kernel from user-installed applications and enables admins to focus on application artifacts and their dependencies without seeing those of the kernel as well-Spring 3 - Virgo packages Spring 3.0 final, but can easily be configured to use a different version of Spring
  • Hot deployment - deploy artifacts to Virgo by copying them into the pickup directory, either in archive or exploded form, as an alternative to deploying via the admin console
  • Logging - via embedded LogBack, configured in config/serviceability.xml, with a rich set of appenders available out of the box
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