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- SecuritySSAE 16 and ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers: All data saved to Citrix ShareFile VDR are stored in world-class datacenters operated by Amazon Web Services. All datacenters have attached SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to security and reliability."View Only" Permissions: To ensure complete control of your data, you can grant “view only” access with dynamic watermarking. ShareFile VDR’s proprietary viewer allows you to grant print access to your documents with robust user tracking.Security Watermarks: For users with "view only" permissions, you can specify a dynamic watermark that can include their email address, name, IP address and any custom information. This watermark will overlay all the documents they view, discouraging unauthorized distribution.File Encryption: When your files are transferred across the Internet, they are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same type of encryption used by online banking and e-commerce sites to ensure secure data transfer. Additionally, unlike many other data room providers, we store your data with encryption while it is at rest on our servers.Audit Logs: All activity on your account is saved to an audit log. The audit log records user activities including day, time, IP address, location and more.Granular User Access: You can set user and group access on a folder-by-folder level, ensuring that users only view the specific files that you select.Daily Third-Party Security Audit: Our servers are continually tested by a third party and are certified as Hacker Safe.Non Disclosure Agreement:While our company policies protect the confidentiality of your data, ShareFile maintains a standardized NDA that can be signed upon request to provide further assurance of our commitment to keeping your data safe.Virus Scanning: All files you uploaded are scanned for viruses for the security of data room participants.Data Backup: Uploaded data is backed up to a disaster recovery datacenter in addition to the primary storage location.- Ease of UseNo Training Required: When we provide a demo of our virtual data room solution, a common reaction (especially from users who have experienced other data rooms in past deals) is that the system is extremely clean and straightforward. Though we offer complimentary training to all of our customers, most never need it.Question & Answer Section:When questions arise about the content of your data room, users can submit questions to you directly through Q&A. The private and public questions and answers section makes communication faster, easier and more secure than regular email.Simple User Management:Your data room features flexible folder access permissions so that you can create and edit permissions on a per-user, per-folder basis. We also offer easy tools to manage users in bulk. You can import users from a spreadsheet and create groups to assign folder permissions all at once.Bulk Upload and Download:Among virtual data room providers, ShareFile VDR’s file transfer tools are unmatched. Drag and drop multiple files or entire folder structures into your data room. Download entire rooms or folders in a single click. With these features, adding new documents to your room and saving files to your computer for review are easy.Full Text Search: Search for documents and folders by name, keyword or full text search. ShareFile VDR allows you narrow down results based on who uploaded files, data uploaded, file name and more.No Hassle Pricing: We keep pricing simple. There are no per-page pricing and no limits on users or data rooms that you can create. We give you a simple, flat price so you can focus on your deal.
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