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- Easy-to-Setup and Easy-to-UseDesigned and built with flexibility in mind, you get to decide when, how, and what to discover in your enterprise environment. Getting started with ServiceNow discovery is as easy as downloading a zip file; editing three lines to identify your secure ServiceNow environment; and clicking install. With minimal training you are able to effectively explore and manage all assets and applications in yourenterprise to better understand the IT services you provide to the business.- Lightweight, Powerful, Agentless!Intelligent interrogation and the leveraging of standard ports and protocols, ServiceNow Discovery can classify, identify, and explore an unlimited number of configuration items. Unlikeother discovery applications, ServiceNow respects bandwidth limitations and only asks necessary questions in order to map application configurations and dependencies.- Asset Management TruthMany organizations have limited visibility to the hundreds or thousands of devices that make up their IT infrastructure. To perform effective asset and configuration management, it iscritical to have the ability to find and identify computers, servers, printers and other different IP enabled assets within your environment.- Business Application VisibilityWhile knowing that an asset exists is valuable in itself,ServiceNow discovery takes it to the next level by identifyingrunning programs, their versions, operating systems, and other applications installed. Keeping track of your business applications on an enterprise level has never been so easy. - Pinpoint Root Cause QuicklyIdentify the root cause of failure and allocate resources to rapidly restore service and resolve the problem. With our advanced application mapping technology, you have the ability to understand what your physical assets are; what applications they are running; and how they impact their parent business services. - Unified Look and FeelBuilt on exactly the same technology and data model as the rest of ServiceNow, discovery and application dependency mappingprovides accurate data to the CMDB so that you can makeinformed decisions about inventory, asset, application, incident, problem and change management, network security and IT governance, risk and compliance.
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