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The CMDB is essential for world-class IT. That's why the best IT thinkers trust ServiceNow for project success. - Streamline your CMDB implementation and ongoing maintenance by using ServiceNow Discovery to automatically populate the CMDB as well as the relationships between configuration items (CIs). Or, use our existing integrations to third-party data sources or create your own integrations through web services. Our built-in data reconciliation and normalization tools ensure accurate and useful data.- ServiceNow CMDB service modeling simplifies the management of CIs and services across all ITIL processes. Additionally, those CIs and processes now have a voice, allowing them to communicate through ServiceNow Live to inform your user community of outages. Its the world's first social CMDB!- You can manage IT costs though an intuitive application directly linked to each CI in the CMDB. You can even use social IT tools to create a chat room about an incident, record the chat activity, and receive notifications when the incident record changes.- ServiceNow lets you implement and maintain your CMDB your way.
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