Benefits and Insights

Why use Scout Investigation Management Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Scout Investigation Management Software

Software-as-a-Service applications like Scout minimize the pains of "owned and operated" applications like maintenance, hosting, and support costs. Most companies prefer simpler, faster and lower-cost solutions and are attracted to the SaaS model due to their ability to provide advantages including:

  • Easy to get started 
    Since Scout is web-based you don't need to worry about installing anything on computers or system updates. Scout works on Macs and PCs in any contemporary web browser.

  • Easy to use 
    We know no one likes to learn new software so we've taken great care to make Scout extremely user friendly. Scout's intuitive design and functionality minimizes training and resistance to use.

  • Easy to customize 
    Build your own forms and capture the information you need to conduct your investigations. Scout was developed with configuration and integration as priorities. Scout allows users to use pre-configured values, business rules and workflows to expedite implementations or tailor them to company-specific needs. Our clients range from small PI firms to organizations with hundreds of users with varying levels of permissions.

  • Easy to collaborate 
    Scout is a central repository for all you case work. Stop going through emails to find case information, communications, and files. Still calling or emailing people to find out what they're working on? Finding it hard to share Excel spreadsheets or frustrated with the limitations of your Access database? Scout is a much more efficient environment for your team to work investigations.

  • Easy to scale 
    Deploy Scout to as many users as you need whether it's 1, 5, 50, or 500. Scout has been deployed by companies with hundreds of users and thousands of new investigations each month. Scout minimizes growing pains in any organization.

  • Easy to integrate 
    Scout investigation management software is built on a modern architecture which enables the application to integrate with other core systems in any environment. We've saved countless hours of data entry time for several clients so they can spend more time actually investigating.

  • Future proof 
    Scout is always evolving and improving. Think of it as receiving free upgrades - you don't have to worry about using outdated software down the road. We release updates and refinements on a regular basis with no interruption to service.

If you need a central repository for case information accessible by multiple parties on a permission basis, Scout is for you.
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