Benefits and Insights

Why use Reprise License Manager (RLM)?

Key differentiators & advantages of Reprise License Manager (RLM)

  • Convenient Trial Modes - Your customers can launch trial and demonstration versions at their convenience, whether or not they're connected to the Internet and without contacting you. Optionally, they can convert those trials into permanent licenses using activation over the Internet. Choose to embed activation within their product or offer it via a web page.

  • Numerous Licensing Models - Offer the licensing models that really entice your customers and drive your revenue. Just a few of the models include node-locked counted and uncounted, network floating, and named user. For global users, offer "Follow the Sun" licensing – your software works only during specific hours of the day.

  • Painless Change - Fine-tune the licensing model you provide your customer, or switch to an entirely new model, simply by reissuing a license. Leave your source code untouched since there is no need to ship new binaries.

  • Simple API - Deploy license management quickly with an extremely simple API that's been pared down to include all of the functionality required by ISVs and end users today. Instrument the license management then return to your real job. Pronto.

  • Multi-Platform Support - Build with a single API and enjoy license management on every major platform, including Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, and platform-independent Java. RLM supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of most operating systems.

  • Extras Included - Enjoy functionality you might expect only at an extra cost, including public key encryption, capacity planning tools that allow your customers to forecast their need for additional license servers, and unencrypted logs which let your customers understand license usage, allocate usage to projects, and justify the acquisition of additional licenses.

  • Browser-Based UI - Require minimal learning from customers who are familiar with older license managers, then let them monitor and control access to licenses simply by pointing any Internet browser at an RLM license server. No separate administration tool is necessary, and the UI of RLM is consistent across all platforms.

  • Bundles and Components - Allow customers who purchase product bundles to run only one component of a bundle at a time, then give them the option of sharing the bundle and component licenses if they purchase full licenses for components.

  • Plain Text for Input and Output - We're committed to an open architecture. Feel free to share the precise behavior of your licensing model with your customers because behavior is driven by text files instead by logic within your source code. And assess usage of licenses with ease since it's always recorded in unencrypted log files. Plain input. Plain output.

  • Thread-Safe and Reentrant - ISVs with high performance, multi-threaded applications ship with confidence knowing RLM is completely thread-safe and re-entrant. It's rock solid
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