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- Collaborative Lifecycle Management Rational Quality Manager is an integral part of the IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). Improve your time to delivery by coordinating activities and providing greater visibility across requirements, quality, and change management. - Process Templates Easily deploy projects that conform to the roles, rules, and guidelines that control the flow of your quality activities. Customize Test Plan, Test Case, and Test Suite templates to further tailor the process to your team’s unique needs.- Rich Test Plans Maintain the project focus on business and quality objectives. With IBM Rational Quality Manager, a test plan is a dynamic quality contract that evolves with the project tracking key criteria such as business objectives, exit and entry criteria, priorities, and requirement scope.- User-defined dashboardsIBM Rational Quality Manager provides key project information tailored to the individual’s role. Each user can customize the layout and content on his or her Rational Quality Manager dashboard, and, because the dashboard is continually updated, each user can easily view the most current information that is most relevant to his or her work.- Risk Based Testing IBM Rational Quality Manager's Risk Based Testing enables teams to make informed decisions, establish priorities, and effectively focus testing effort on areas of the application which are at the highest risk of failure. Community risk ratings enable you to adjust your projection of risk leveraging the most up-to-date insight from your project contributors.- Work Item tracking Coordinate and track quality management activities with team events and user-level work items. Work items establish clear prioritized ownership for project deliverables, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.- Comprehensive Reporting Make informed decisions using a broad variety of out-of-the-box reports. Enhance or create new reports to address the specific needs of your quality managers, business stakeholders, and release managers.- Duplicate Defect Identification Prevent the inefficiencies and confusion that arise when multiple stakeholders report the same problem. IBM Rational Quality Manager can examine existing defects and related artifacts to help prevent the creation of duplicate defects.- Manual Tests with Data Assist Accelerate manual testing with concise and unambiguous test scripts that leverage rich text and in-line images to clearly guide the users through execution and expected results. During execution, Quality Manager reduces human error by leveraging the system clipboard to supply input data and compare expected output using baseline data associated with the test.- Distributed access for teams of any size Access Rational Quality Manager anytime, from anywhere. Quality Manager is built on a Java™ and Web 2.0 technology, so team collaboration doesn’t have to be any more complicated than opening a web browser.- Test re-use across manual and automated tests To enable test reuse, IBM Rational Quality Manager uses keywords, which allow testers to share common steps between tests. These can be manual steps or automated test scripts that are powered, for example, by IBM Rational Functional Tester. Creating hybrid manual tests with automated keywords is often a very simple way for manually focused test teams to leverage the power of test automation, without making a full commitment to a test automation framework.- Test coverage optimizationIBM Rational Quality Manager includes technology that is designed to automatically identify and select the minimum number of test configurations required for a given level of environment coverage. This enables testers to ensure that they optimize configuration coverage within their time and resource constraints.- Test lab management IBM Rational Quality Manager supports distributed execution across physical and virtual lab machines. To enable this, the software includes test lab management functionality that allows testers to register their physical and virtual assets as well as schedule execution according to asset configurations. This helps remove administrative burdens and ensure optimal utilization of test lab resources.- Security Testing Available integration to IBM Rational AppScan® Tester edition helps QA teams find and remediate security vulnerabilities earlier in the development process, reducing downstream cost and corporate risk. This helps eliminate the need for QA personnel to learn advanced or new security tools and enable security testing alongside functional and performance testing.- Rich Text Requirements Authoring and ManagementAuthor and track rich text requirements and trace them to development work items and test cases to enable development, show dependence, and prove compliance. Import requirements from your customer or business analysts, decompose requirements as needed for test development purposes. Expand on these requirements management capabilities with IBM Rational Requirements Composer which provides ability to define and manage graphic requirements such as user interface sketches and storyboards.- Change and Defect Management Define and manage changes to software assets as work items for improved productivity and process integrity with automated traceability across a broad range of development tasks. Work item customization can be used to support new and existing change processes in order to support the development process that your organization and project follows . Expand on these change management capabilities with IBM Rational Team Concert which allows developers to collaborate with quality professional by sharing a common change management and planning. As well as expanding developer capabilities with integrated SCM and build management support.- Test Planning Planning provides a solution to assist with the planning and execution of test projects in real-time. Multi-level planning is supported to create and manage plans that organize and coordinate project and product release plans, team plans, and individual plans in multiple views and paradigms
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