Benefits and Insights

Why use Privacy Analytics Data Masking Tool?

Key differentiators & advantages of Privacy Analytics Data Masking Tool

  • Built specifically for clinical and health claims databases
  • Produces realistic test data (i.e., retains the characteristics of the original data) ensuring unusual patterns in the data will also appear during testing
  • Works on massive databases in a continuous mode for rapid refresh cycles of test data
  • Saves masking function specifications that can be executed again on other databases and at scheduled intervals
  • Includes library of templates and reference databases for most common direct identifiers often seen in clinical and claims data sets
  • Maintains referential integrity across multiple tables to ensure patient information is masked consistently
  • Methods ensure that an adversary is unable to reverse engineer masks.
  • Ability to rapidly processes hundreds of gigabytes of data spread across multiple tables
  • Masks keys in tables to retain the same field type and size, maintaining referential integrity in tables
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