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  • Air Emissions Inventory (AEI): Complete visibility into emissions estimations and limitations based on operational data and user defined emission calculations.
  • Title V Compliance Certification: Certification and compliance deviation reports.
  • NSPS Excess Emissions: Categorized emissions breakdown.
  • Allowance Management Reports: Track emission allowances and emission offsets.
  • Emissions Inventory: Generate air emission inventory reports.
  • Seasonal Ozone Inventories: Report AEI subset data for seasonal inventory calculations.
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants: Generate Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) inventories and Toxic Air Pollutant (TAP) Inventories.
  • TRI Release Calculations: Estimate emissions against reporting thresholds.
  • MACT and NESHAP Requirements: Track regulatory obligations associated with MACT and NESHAP sources.
  • Reporting: comprehensive toolset for emission calculations against multiple protocols and for all subpart reporting requirements including electronic reporting submittals.
  • Subpart A, C, D, W reporting: Configurable solution to handle multiple subparts.
  • Climate Registry Reporting: Utilize existing data sets to estimate emissions from multiple reporting protocols.
  • NPDES SOLUTIONS: Comprehensive water management solution with Discharge Monitor Reporting (DMR).
  • KEY PERFORMANCE METRICS: Identify, measure, and quantify operational metrics associated with a wide range of data sets.
  • Fuel Usage: Detailed analysis of fuel consumed.
  • Water Usage: Water usage against operational parameters.
  • Electrical Usage: Energy demand across an organization or business lines.
  • Performance Trending: Baseline and trending of information to create actionable intelligence to enhance sustainability and profitability
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