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Why use Oracle Database?

Key differentiators & advantages of Oracle Database

- Oracle Big Data The Rise of Data Capital Discover and predict insights faster while simplifying access to all data with governance and security. - Oracle Consolidation Manage Many Databases As One Manage many databases as one while driving higher database infrastructure utilization for streamlined database provisioning, patching, and upgrading - Oracle Database as a Service Empowered Users. Simplified IT. Provision standardized database environments rapidly on shared infrastructure with intelligent resource management across multiple tenants. - Oracle Database Security Security Inside Out Safeguard data at the source to ensure data privacy, protect against threats, and ensure regulatory compliance without changes to existing applications. - Oracle Database Management Zero-To-Cloud. Accelerated. Deliver database cloud management with complete monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, metering, and chargeback. - Oracle Data Warehousing Extreme Performance And Scalability Deliver fast business insights on optimized platforms designed for extreme performance. - Oracle Engineered Systems Engineered For Innovation Lower cost and complexity of database infrastructure with fast deployment and extreme performance at every layer of the technology stack. - Oracle Database High Availability Keep Your Business Online 24/7 Achieve HA service levels that meet your specific business needs, including zero data loss and zero downtime during any unplanned outages or planned maintenance. - Oracle Storage Management Cost-Effective Database Storage Management Automatically manage data growth to maximize utilization of database resources while reducing management complexity.
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