Benefits and Insights

Why use Opinio 6.6.3?

Key differentiators & advantages of Opinio 6.6.3

  • Advanced form-building feature.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis.
  • Highly scalable and dependable.
  • Survey invitation and reminders.
  • Report portals: publish reports online to people who need it.
  • Multilingual feature: publish one survey in many languages. 
  • Panel management: powerful population sampling. 
  • Customize features, look and feel.
  • Report ?lters: uncover hidden meaning and produce various reports for different audiences.
  • Conditional branching: ask only relevant questions.
  • Piping: highly dynamic and intuitive surveys.
  • Include images and videos in questions. 
  • Prede?ne and reuse questions, header, footer and survey templates. 
  • User management: customize administrators and authors access and security level. 
  • Export response data – for external analysis.
  • Plugin API: extend and customize the functionality of Opinio.
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