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Why use ONE Automation?

Key differentiators & advantages of ONE Automation

- Workload Automation- the backbone of an enterprise’s business processing, providing all of your batch and dynamic job scheduling needs.Streamline your IT operations with true end-to-end automated workload processing.Reduce labor costs, and eliminate manual errors.Quickly consolidate your legacy batch schedulers, eliminating the islands of automation in your enterprise.- Application Process Automation- integrates the applications in your IT environment into a comprehensive and seamless end-to-end business process.Eliminate the need for custom scripts that glue together discrete applications.Save time and reduce errors by eliminating routine manual checks between process steps.Consolidate all your disparate application-based automation tools into one comprehensive platform.- Application Release Automation- automates the long list of discrete tasks needed to deploy complex web and mobile applications.Rapidly and confidently deploy applications without errors to improve business responsiveness.Achieve visibility and control across the entire process for managing all of your application releases.Dramatically simplify the release process, making it more manageable, efficient and repeatable.- Run Book Automation- allows you to automate repetitive tasks that previously had to be performed manually.Provide services and new infrastructure changes faster, with fewer resources.Ensure consistent outcomes every time.Ensure regulatory compliance and resolve incidents faster.Using pre-built workflows, you start realizing the benefits of run book automation right away.- Data Transfer Automation- allows you to capture the right data, whether structured or unstructured, and deliver it to the right place at the right time as part of your day-to-day business processes.Be confident your data transfer processes will be accurate, consistent, and protected at every point in the data transfers.Have the peace of mind of knowing that your data transfers are secure and encoded.Eliminate tedious manual steps or scripting that is required when working with other technologies, such as command line FTP tools.- Virtualization Automation- allows you to extend your process automation requirements and policies from your physical to your virtual computing infrastructure—all as one coherent process flow.Automate both your virtual and physical environments from one centralized platform.Treat your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures as a single pool of available resources.Manage the virtualization lifecycle, provisioning virtualization capacity when you need it and reducing capacity when you don’t, preventing virtualization sprawl.
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