Benefits and Insights

Why use Nina Web?

Key differentiators & advantages of Nina Web

  • Speed
    Customers get right to the solution they need in a single step. Using their voice to ask a question cuts out the need to navigate menus and scroll through search results. It's simple, natural and the quickest way to get what they need.

  • Accuracy
    Because Nina Web understands complex questions, it delivers the exact right solution and doesn't leave the customer to choose between options. This precision is what makes the Nina Web interface seem much more like a human interaction.

  • Priorities
    By improving the resolution rate of customer requests on the web and increasing the self-service containment rate, Nina web enables your live agents to focus on delivering service where it's truly needed.

  • Converse
    Intelligent virtual assistants naturally, quickly and accurately understand online text-based styles such as slang, misspellings, and grammatically incorrect sentences. In addition, a well-designed virtual assistant also reflects your company’s unique image and tone, resulting in a strengthened brand.

  • Serve
    Acting as a personal guide, the virtual assistant provides “the one right answer” or guides the customer to complete transactions with the least amount of user effort.

  • Optimize
    Each conversation a virtual assistant has with a customer can be captured, analyzed and aggregated to deliver real-time insights into customer needs as well as identify opportunities for web site improvements.
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