Benefits and Insights

Why use Neebula ServiceWatch?

Key differentiators & advantages of Neebula ServiceWatch

  • Rapid Service Modelling - Business services are now mapped within hours. This includes discovery of servers, network devices, storage, load balancers, and applications. With a 100% automated process, no manual configuration is needed. 
  • Streamlined “CMDB” for servicesFor each business service, the visual service map only illustrates its underlying components and interrelations - without any extraneous devices. This enables an instant visual validation of the deployed architecture
  • Faster cross-domain problem identification The visual topology mapping business services to configuration items is shared by the entire IT organization, providing a common ground for communication and enabling faster identification of cross-domain problems.
  • Integration with existing systems Neebula’s service maps are exported so they can be used from within the LFH home grown dashboard and event management for correlation.
  • Automatic maintenance - Service maps are kept up to date in near-real time. As configuration or topology changes occur, ServiceWatch updates the maps automatically. No cumbersomequeries, filters and manual intervention are needed to keep maps up to date.
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