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Why use MonYog?

Key differentiators & advantages of MonYog

  • Agentless. Cloud Ready - No need to install agents on the hosts running MsSQL. Installation and upgrade takes 2 minutes. MySQL as Saas providers like Amazon RDs don't allow agents.

  • 600+ Best Practices Monitors and Advisors - Webyog partners with industry leading MySQL experts to ship 600+ monitors that continuously monitor your MySQL servers and provide you timely alearts and advice

  • Custom SQL Objects and full customization using Javascript - Everything in MONyog is customization using Javascript

  • History and Trend Analysis - You decide yourself to how long data collected by MONyog will be restored. Data is restored in a high performance embedded database for quick trend analysis in the future.

  • Query Analyzer with Query Shipping - MONyog identifies problem SQL by using a combination of slow/general logs and taking a snapshot of SHOW PROCESSLIST even second. MONyog can optionally kill slow queries and send an alert before a bad query slows down the entire app

  • Configuration Management and Error log Monitoring - Compare configurations across multiple layers. Track every change ever done to the MySQL settings.

  • Replication Manager - Replication slaves get auto-registered. Get alerts when replication lags behind or if slaves have stopped.

  • Disk Monitoring & Lock MonitoringUse Lock Monitoring to find top locked and locking queries.

  • Wayback Machine - Can debug an event the took place before. You can find the exact state of MySQL as it was at that time.

  • Real-time Monitoring - Find out what's going on right now in your server. What are the top running queries, top tables, top users, top locked and locking queries. 
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