Benefits and Insights

Why use Medallia Customer Experience Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Medallia Customer Experience Management

  • Develop the right listening strategy. Medallia develops the right data collection for you based on your program goals, business structure, strengths and weaknesses, and existing program.
  • Integrate all relevant feedback streams. We capture feedback that’s solicited and unsolicited, structured and unstructured.
  • Achieve high response rates. Our response rates are industry-leading across all customer segments, including hard-to-reach ones.
  • Capture untainted data. With Medallia’s anti-cheating technology, you can trust the integrity of your data.
  • Control costs. We provide single- and multi-mode data collection for every budget.
  • Avoid survey fatigue with sophisticated touch rules and advanced quota management.
  • Engage users with interactive, personalized dashboards.
  • Share everywhere in real time. With Medallia, you can truly share everywhere and anywhere: globally; across large-scale, highly distributed organizations; in all browser-supported languages; and using mobile devices.
  • Share multiple programs in one system. Medallia can report data from multiple collection methods, feedback programs, locations, and more.
  • Automatically adapt to your organizational changes. Medallia continuously updates information such as users, regions, accounts, and roles.
  • Identify customers at risk. Medallia automatically triggers an alert when responses fall below desired thresholds.
  • Communicate with dissatisfied customers to learn. Medallia’s solutions make dialogue easy.
  • Win back at-risk customers with Medallia’s collaborative case management system.
  • Recover systematically and company-wide. Medallia’s sophisticated routing and escalation framework is transparent to the entire organization, so your team is held accountable for recovery.
  • Engage your frontlines with our intuitive user interfaces and user-specific dashboards.
  • Excite power users with our one-stop shop for interactive analytics, visualization, text analytics, and data mining.
  • Generate ideas and insights. With our system, you can slice and dice, rank, visualize, and drill down to follow any path of interest.
  • Discover best practices. Our built-in benchmarking identifies who in your organization is winning and why.
  • Win the satisfaction race. Medallia customers consistently report improved satisfaction scores.
  • Prioritize big-impact opportunities. Medallia identifies initiatives with both the biggest improvement potential and biggest value to customers.
  • Set aggressive but realistic goals. Medallia’s benchmarking database allows you to see, by industry and process type, the improvements others have achieved.
  • Try out, assess, and perfect solutions, then roll them out. With our system, you can create customized test and control groups, track results in real time, and iterate.
  • Drive collaboration with a platform your whole organization uses. Companies that switch to Medallia see a dramatic increase in system use.
  • Publish successes and best practices. Our system lets you broadcast messages, documents, and videos to your whole organization.
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