Benefits and Insights

Why use i-Sight Case Management Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of i-Sight Case Management Software

i-Sight case management software delivers the tools you need to manage your investigations easily and effectively through a collection of powerful features that simplify your job and create opportunities for increased productivity and better business intelligence.

Our case management solution allows you to update cases, record evidence and document every phase of an investigation, creating a clear and complete trail of activity. Once the investigation is finished, you can create a comprehensive investigation report, including a detailed listing of contacts, evidence, and recommendations. And a powerful reporting engine allows you to create reports in 44 different formats to put it all together for a big picture view of the investigative environment in your organization.

  • Investigator Diary Notes 
  • One-Click Investigation Reports
  • Planning & Task Management 
  • Send Emails 
  • Search Engine
  • Restrict Access to Cases 
  • Online Timesheet & Expense Tracker 
  • Mobile Ready Case Management 
  • Involved Parties & Entities 
  • Alerts & Workflow 
  • Attach Exhibits
  • Collaboration Tools for Investigation Teams 
  • Complete Audit Trail 
  • Dashboard Reporting 
  • Drag & Drop Report Builder 
  • Easy Integration
  • Email and Export Summary Reports 
  • Enter New Investigations 
  • Investigator Assignment.
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