Benefits and Insights

Why use HP Network IVR?

Key differentiators & advantages of HP Network IVR

  • HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) is a scalable, carrier-grade IP multimedia server that enables rapid development and deployment of audio and video services for IVVR, multimedia portals, multimedia messaging, conferencing and other advanced multimedia applications.
  • HP Service Execution Environment (SEE) provides a complete system for hosting solutions. It provides the execution environment and connectors for the overall HP Network IVR logic.
  • HP OpenCall Studio Service Creation Environment allows rapid development and delivery of IVR and video services. It enables the development of a wide range of services, from basic offerings, such as simple applications that play audio prompts and deliver video files, to advanced services, such as unified messaging and voice or video portals.
  • HP Media Content Manager (MCM) centralizes all voice and video applications and resources (VoiceXML/CCXML applications, Voice/Video prompts, grammars, ECMA script, etc) that are fetched and executed by the HP OCMP. The HP MCM offers a per tenant secured repository. Each Service developer has its own environment.
  • HP CDR Collection and Processing System (CCPS) is a monitoring and reporting tool for voice and video applications deployed on the HP Network IVR solution. The HP CCPS is a scalable, highly available, carrier grade system which provides statistics and reports from different perspectives for the different IVR applications and services, in both on-line and offline mode.
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