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Why use Hornbill Service Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of Hornbill Service Manager

  • Designed the way people work. 
    - Imagine your team having access to business apps that are as intuitive and easy to use as the personal tools they love to use already. Hornbill is designed to work the way people do. Based on familiar social concepts, the UI enables users to be immediately productive.

  • Getting work done 
    - Hornbill automated workflow capabilities allow complex business processes to be designed and automatically orchestrated in a repeatable and consistent way, enabling the people doing the actual work to focus on their bit without the need to know how things work in the background.

  • Up to date. 
    - All the time.At Hornbill we deliver upgrades and enhancements on a rolling basis so you’re always ahead of the game. You’ll always be up-to-date, which means the latest in performance and security, and your customizations will be always be maintained.

  • Hornbill's Application Store 
    - Imagine being able to deploy a powerful business application by simply pressing a button - as easy to get and use as those great consumer apps you use at home, on any device and anywhere. Once installed it is ready to use, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter. All at a price that will make your boss (or your bank manager) love you!
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