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Why use healthENGIN?

Key differentiators & advantages of healthENGIN

In every case, the benefits realized by the use of ENGIN as the enabler of an effective way to transmit transactions electronically has resulted in: 
  • Easier and timelier access to client information. 
  • The ability to continue to contain back-end costs through the promotion of electronic correspondence to business partners. 
  • Protection of the investment in back-end systems made by the users and their business partners. 
  • Providing a means by which business partners may obtain, in a single transaction, relevant information from many sources. 
  • Faster turn around to providers for claim submission and reconciliation, as well as authorization for treatments. 
  • Position the users and their business partners to comply with any legislation that encourages or requires the use of electronic commerce. 
  • Position the users and their business partners to collaborate on information effectively, such as the Computerized Patient Record (CPR), as such business practices become available. 
  • Position the users and their business partners to have a competitive advantage as the industry evolves toward more interactive communications. 
  • Proactive support by the users and their business partners of inter-platform communications. 
  • Position the user for Standards Compliance: With the emergence of standards such as HL7, EDIFACT and X.12 in the electronic commerce arena, the ideal situation is a switch pre-configured to specific standards, and equally easily re-configured to the emergence of new standards, changes in existing standards, and th standards, and the variations in the implementation of standards between different vendors. 
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