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  • Maximize your email marketing ROI - Email marketing software is only as good as its features, and Goolara Symphonie has all the features you need to maximize your ROI. If you have an email list and some content you have everything you need to get started email marketing with Symphonie. For customers that are interested in getting more out of their marketing efforts than simple mailings, Symphonie offers a host of great features. Most email marketing software offers some ability to do A/B splits, basic segmentation and simple dynamic content. Goolara Symphonie takes these features one step further with the ability to create sophisticated segmentation and dynamic content in every part of an email, including the sender and reply lines. After a mailing has been sent, you can generate reports that examine the open and click rates, deliverability and other data and compare mailings to determine the best results. Symphonie is also one of the very few email marketing tools out there that lets you pause an email after it has begun to send, or repair links after the fact without having to send an updated version.
  • No Hidden Costs - While some other email marketing software may look less expensive than Goolara's, often their costs are hidden in the form of additional features. Want to do segmentation? It'll cost extra. How about transactional emails? Another cost. integration? Still more. Here at Goolara, we don't like to nickel-and-dime our customers to death. With Symphonie you get all of the features for one price. Take advantage of advanced features whenever you're ready, for no additional cost. And if you need help using a new feature, such as A/B splits, segmentation, dynamic content, triggered emails, or any of the rich assortment of features that we offer, our support team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process.
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