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Right tech, right job, right time Automate work flows, streamline scheduling and ensure service level compliance. Increase daily work order completions by 20%. Decrease incomplete orders by 16%.Understand your customers’ needs (before they do)Access customer information (assets, service contracts, anything you can imagine!) instantly from any location. Increase revenue by 17%, decrease customer churn by 22%. Inventory parts across town or around the world Optimize inventory levels on trucks, in the warehouse and at the depot. Automate the reverse logistics process. Reduce repair costs by 17% and tax (asset) liability by 7%. Mobilize the staff Simplify work orders and processes, cut travel times. Increase profitability by 32% and staff retention by 12%. Make the most of your business Leverage business analytics to discover market trends, optimize processes and differentiate services. Increase business efficiency by 27%, increase market share by 5%.Throw out the traditional time clock Automate technician time tracking. Reduce overtime hours by 9%, decrease operational expenses by 11%. Accelerate cash flowCompress billing cycles. Generate invoices – instantaneously! Reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by 15%, time to revenue by 32%.
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