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Why use Famoc?

Key differentiators & advantages of Famoc

  • Centralize management:
    FAMOC provides a single point of control over the telecom infrastructure, enabling device diversity through multi-OS support and centralized management procedures. An intuitive interface eradicates administrative complexity and reduces overall cost and time of technical support.

  • Get a real time view into the mobile environment:
    FAMOC detects, stores and reports on the mobile device fleet, phone users and telecom services, building a library of information on company assets in real time, and providing remote access to each device and user.

  • Easy access to information:
    FAMOC offers fast and simple access to shared resources and accelerated adoption of advanced telecom services, to improve business processes and enhance productivity.

  • Automate administrative procedures and manage devices remotely:
    FAMOC simplifies troubleshooting via remote access, and automated configuration processes facilitate administrative procedures, reducing the cost of technical support and device downtime in case of failures.

  • Manage the lifecycle of company telecom assets:
    FAMOC manages the entire lifecycle of every mobile device in the fleet, with over-the-air provisioning, configuration, application updates, security monitoring, and data backup/restore.

  • Monitor device parameters:
    FAMOC's range of diagnostic tools provide detailed data on the mobile infrastructure, enabling reports and failure alerts to be generated, and the root cause of performance issues to be identified, improving the speed of problem resolution.

  • Enhance data security:
    FAMOC includes state of the art security solutions such as data encryption, protection through passwords, antivirus configuration, VPN enforcement, data backup and remote memory wipe.
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