Benefits and Insights

Why use Facility Usage?

Key differentiators & advantages of Facility Usage

  1. Facility Schedule™ - you can automate the entire event management process to make scheduling, tracking and invoicing more efficient. Facility Schedule is an online facility scheduling tool for managing facility usage requests and requirements, tracking event schedules, and accounting for usage expenses.

  2. Productivity & Efficiency - Optimize after hour schedules based on actual usage

  3. Energy Efficiency - Reduce energy costs by 3% to 5%

  4. Customer Satisfaction - Improve customer service and community relations by assuring proper space conditions

  5. Integrates with Facility Schedule and your BAS to coordinate facility scheduling

  6. Enables event schedule changes in Facility Schedule to automatically reset your BAS to controlled mode

  7. Includes timed BAS overrides to control building conditioning and costs

  8. Provides historical documentation of all scheduled events, cancellations and overrides
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