Benefits and Insights

Why use eXo Platform 3.5?

Key differentiators & advantages of eXo Platform 3.5

  • An Enterprise Portal FoundationUsing eXo Platform, you have the portal foundation you need to present and organize capabilities via portlets and gadgets, while features like access control and single sign-on provide security.
  • Social Intranets & WebsiteseXo Platform lets you build modern social intranets and websites with content management, workflows, workspaces, wikis, forums, activity streams and more.
  • A Complete User Experience PlatformeXo’s user experience platform (UXP) offers a collection of services that speed the creation of portal-based sites, including content management, collaboration, social networks and activity streams, mobile access, and more. An integrated web development environment (IDE) is embedded in eXo Platform which enables an IT team to develop, customize, and extend sites with gadgets and dashboards.
  • Cloud-Ready: UXPaaSAs the first cloud-ready portal and UXP, eXo Platform allows customers to take advantage of the benefits of cloud deployments, such as optimized resource utilization and reduced deployment costs. eXo Platform supports multi-tenancy at the JVM level, so organizations and service providers can offer a UXP as a service (UXPaaS). This means a single instance of eXo Platform can support many UXP-based social intranets, extranets, transactional websites and more for many different clients, each in their own private cloud environment.
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