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Why use ExactTarget Email?

Key differentiators & advantages of ExactTarget Email

  • Email Essentials - Quickly create and send weekly newsletters. Create a welcome email that’s automatically sent to each new subscriber.Initiate a transactional email to confirm online purchases. Send date-based automated emails to remind customers about maintenance based on customers purchase histories.
  • Interactive Content - Send personalized emails to subscribers based on customers geographic locations and purchase histories. Use Scripted Content and Live Offers, allowing the coupon and barcode in each email to change at the time of open, based on product inventory. Tracked redemptions offer through ExactTarget.
  • Deliverability & Optimization - Use ExactTarget’s A/B Testing on every campaign to test subject lines in a small subset, and send the winning email to your larger audience.Run Inbox Preview on all new email templates to ensure proper inbox rendering, and monitor spam complaints to make sure the company’s reputation stays strong.
  • Enterprise Solutions - Implement the ExactTarget Enterprise platform in 75 countries with 3,000 users. Create and selectively share content with its business units to ensure compliance. This solution also enables the company to share data across units as needed to provide customers with a unified brand experience. Allow your field sales division to easily send emails that comply with company regulations, putting the power of email in the hands of your front-line team.
  • Scalability - Use ExactTarget’s Burst Sending feature to ensure all of your emails reach the inbox within a 15-minute window every day. Handle concentrated spurts of extremely high traffic Track click-through rates to gauge customer interest. Deliver emails within the desired timeframe, and know that you have a reliable partner that can scale for sending volume and click activity as your list grows.
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