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- Eliminate Double Bookings - EventPro's conflict control warns you immediately when an attempt to double book is made.Internal Reminders - Never forget important details again. - EventPro's internal reminders automatically notify users of tasks to be completed before, during, or after an event.- Ease of UseTab organization facilitates quick, easy navigation. Use tabs to quickly move from the booking grid to event management details, customer contacts, venues, and suppliers.- WizardsWizards will guide you through the important steps of a booking and makes the system user-friendly (especially for users with minimal computer experience or new employees). This saves time and ensures that all necessary information is captured.- Access or SQL DatabaseAllows for enhanced data integrity. Unlock the power of your Windows computer with full 32-bit performance.- Program UpdatesEventPro is committed to incorporating customer suggestions and newer technologies to ensure that the software remains the most advanced event management package. Access to updates are included with the Upgrade Protection Plan.- User Security RightsCustomize each user to have limited access to specific areas. Allows users access to different areas, while giving other users view-only rights.- Actions (Automatic Reminders)The internal reminder system creates 'actions' - automatic pop up windows that notify users of impending tasks and to-do's. Create reminders for one person or a group of people.- Moving EventsQuickly and easily drag and drop events from one location to another.- MessagingReceive automatic notification of changes to an event and send email messages to clients and co-workers directly.- Contact Log and CommunicationsEmail standard contact letters and reports with any M.A.P.I compliant email program such as Microsoft Outlook. Email directly from the system and capture client contact information and email addresses.- Letter TemplatesSave time by defining or importing all form letters. Merge fields automatically include all customer information.- Booking Grid A user definable color code allows easy identification of the status of each event. This can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.- Customize TabsTurn off any event maintenance tabs not needed.- Advanced CateringPreset catering configurations for buffet and served menus.- Advanced BeveragePreset beverage configurations for different pricing options.- Location MapDefine the type of room setup and maximum capacity for each.- Pop-up Location DetailsQuickly view each location’s room dimensions and special features that are available or built-in (e.g. built-in podium).- Event Management ScreenEasily view event information from the detailed Event Management Screen - add setup equipment and staffing, or view customer discounts quickly.- Defined Cost/ Price ViewSet cost and price edit to each setup, staffing and catering types.- Global RestrictionsDefine the days your office is closed to prevent accidentally booking an event on those days.- Update Event TimesUpdate event start and end times easily.- Multiple File FormatsSave and export reports in a range of formatting options including: RTF, Excel, HTML and JPEG or as a PDF file.- Floor Plans and ImagesCreate clear, accurate, professional room setup plans easily.- Comments FieldComment tabs allow the entering of specific event information which can be printed in any of the numerous report formats.- Customer GroupsDefine client sub-groups and assign client discounts or custom rates according to their category.- Customer Records Record events the client has booked, contact with the client and the contact people associated with them.- Complete Financial SummaryView a complete financial summary of each event, including profit/loss and margins.- Invoicing/ PaymentsProduce monthly or periodic invoices and easily export invoicing data to third party accounting packages.- Detailed ReportingGet fast, detailed information with professionally designed, built in reports, or customize reports with the report explorer. *Producing new reports requires previous experience with SQL scripts and report building.
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