Benefits and Insights

Why use Entero One?

Key differentiators & advantages of Entero One

  • Ability to model new requirements, without continuously developing new system functionality
  • Configurable workspace to suit specific users requirements
  • Apply consistent and auditable processes through workflows
  • Scalable for organizational growth
  • Assign proper roles to all users to restrict access to specific data
  • All teams work off of a single, real time data source
  • Reduce data errors and spreadsheets
  • Customize reports to make better and faster decisions
  • Importing or exporting data from and to third party systems
  • Spend more time on data analysis rather than data entry
  • Advanced activity-based inventory costing and valuation
  • Controlled security and data access for any level within an organization
  • Thorough audit trail to analyze who changed what and when
  • Complete General Ledger (GL) is built into the system, which can be used as the corporate GL, or interfaced to another corporate accounting system
  • Configurable graphical schematic provides a representation of business locations, and the relationships between these locations
  • Precise scheduling and monitoring of product movement via rail, truck, pipeline, and marine vessel
  • Hundreds of built-in reports and an extensive self-serve reporting tool (delivered via email or the E1 library)
  • Accounting is automated by setting the rules, then transactions are automatically generated with the correct account codes
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