Benefits and Insights

Why use Employee Time Tracking Software (Mitrefinch TMS)?

Key differentiators & advantages of Employee Time Tracking Software (Mitrefinch TMS)

  • A variety of clocking options allow all kinds of organizations to easily collect, view, analyze, and report on attendance data
  • Accurately import data to commonly used payroll software, reducing errors and saving time- Reduce overpayments, buddy punching, and time theft
  • Ensure the scheduled workforce meets supply and demand needs
  • Easily manage shift swaps and changes- Quickly and efficiently create schedules based on past data, allowing you to save money, maximize resources, and respond to changing needs
  • Reduce absenteeism by identifying absence issues and addressing them immediately
  • Easily manage a remote and mobile workforce using clocking options that allow for easy workforce management both on site and off site
  • Ensure compliance to company policy and state, federal, and union legislation
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