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Why use EditLive!?

Key differentiators & advantages of EditLive!

  • Edit without Frustration - EditLive! works the way a rich text editor should, removing the frustration from editing online content.Its intuitive interface means there’s no learning curve and no reformatting needed by your content managers and authors.
  • Import from Anywhere - Copy and paste content seamlessly, no matter where your content comes from: Microsoft Word, Excel or any web site.Clean import maintains content structures such as headings, tables, lists and even images - without bringing in any messy HTML markup or CSS styling.
  • Create Remarkable Content - Create great-looking content with ease, using your site’s style sheet and EditLive!.EditLive! works with your site’s CSS, presenting relevant styles in context throughout the editor. Authors can combine your style sheet with the ability to work with lists, tables, images, DIVs and other complex markup to create fantastic content, irrespective of their technical expertise.
  • Make Image Editing a Breeze - With a built-in image editor, EditLive! makes editing images a breeze.Resize, crop, rotate or add effects to any image in your content. Then EditLive! takes care of everything else to get your new image online.
  • Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes - Never get caught with a misspeeelled word, broken link, or search for a synonym again.EditLive! includes out of the box capabilities such as spell check as you type, a thesaurus and hyperlink checking. And you get all of this without the need to license, install or configure any third party software.
  • Collaborate with Teams - EditLive! speeds up the revision process and makes collaboration among authors and reviewers a breeze with track changes and commenting.Don’t leave your comments until the end, embed them in context using EditLive!’s commenting feature. Use track changes to markup the content so your colleagues can see all your changes. Text, table and formatting changes are all tracked.
  • Make Your Markup Compliant - We understand that standards are important to ensure your content works reliably on all browsers and platforms.EditLive! creates accessible content that is guaranteed to comply with HTML, CSS and accessibility standards, including W3C and US Government Section 508 Guidelines. There’s even a built-in source code editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Configure the Editor - EditLive! is completely configurable. Whether you need to limit formatting options or provide your authors access to every font, color or styling capability, EditLive! can be configured to your needs.Every button and menu item can be turned on or off - and most aspects of EditLive!’s behavior can be customized.
  • Get Global, Enterprise-grade Support - With responsive, same time zone support around the globe, Ephox is always available to help.Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, we provide excellent support because we understand the importance of having authoring that works.
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