Benefits and Insights

Why use eCommunicator™?

Key differentiators & advantages of eCommunicator™

  • Email Marketing Made Easy - eCommunicator™ is designed to be easy. Team members can start using eCommunicator productively right away.
  • Personalized 1-to-1 Communication - Send personalized messages, custom content and information… the kind clients and prospects appreciate. It generates meaningful discussion and builds stronger relationships.
  • 3-Click Communications - eCommunicator's 3-Click approach makes targeting, personalizing and sending communications fast and easy. Pick your target, select your message and start your campaign… it's that simple.
  • Personal Websites - Client sites create an added level of service giving clients and prospects a place to view all communications and information you share with them.
  • Access Anywhere - Stay in touch from anywhere using custom content and messages. Everything you need at your fingertips… right from your computer or mobile device.
  • Contact More Clients, More Often - Contact individuals or groups of clients and prospects efficiently, without spending a lot of time. Use your content marketing materials to grow opportunities and reach more clients with the right information.
  • Targeted Campaigns - Share custom content with clients in campaigns that educate, inform and keep you top of mind. Include personalized messages so they feel the 1-to-1 connection.
  • Library of Content - eCommunicator includes an online library of articles with industry—relevant content, your marketing materials and custom articles you can send to clients and prospects.
  • Compliance Control - Avoid the risk of using outdated or inappropriate information. Automatically include disclosures and other necessary information in all messages and materials sent.
  • Integration Options - Integrates with your CRM so team members can access, send, and track messages sent to specific clients or groups. Connects to SharePoint, websites and other repositories.
  • Add Capabilities Easily - Add-in modules let you increase capabilities as needed. Workflow, Collaboration, Archiving, Print-on-Demand and Campaign Creation modules are some of the additional capabilities available.
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