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Why is DyKnow Monitor better than the competition?We’re glad you asked! Actually, DyKnow Monitor is unlike the competition for a lot of reasons, but the biggest differences are “under the hood.” Here are just some of the reasons our classroom management software is better than the competition:Our client-server product design maximizes network performance and bandwidth.Our client-server design allows you to supervise hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of computers without any noticeable impact on bandwidth and network performance. Our competitors use peer-to-peer or multicast technology which strain your network when you try connecting many users.Unlike the competition, DyKnow Monitor actually works in wireless environments.We specifically designed DyKnow Monitor to work in wireless environments. And, because of our client-server design, the load on the teacher’s computer is the same whether monitoring five or 150 computers.Our free Data Integration Tool (DITO) virtually eliminates extra data management, making IT administration easier and more efficient.DITO carries over your class roster information from an SIS or LMS so you, the IT administrator, do not have to manage multiple software databases. Our click-and-load approach makes this process easy and efficient so once you setup it up, you don’t have to touch it again.We use Active Directory (AD) Authentication to increase security by maintaining pre-existing permissions. AD Authentication drastically improves security by maintaining your pre-existing AD Permissions which allows our software to identify teacher and student machines by User ID. This means: students do not need to login to DyKnow Monitor in order to be supervised, teachers can rest assured they are monitoring the right students and IT does not need to configure or modify channels or NATs to make it work!
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