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For individuals:The you-me type individuals have the benefit of using a core set of applications available within DURGA marketplace. Typically these applications are open source solutions. Some key applications that would help individuals are:- Backup solutions : we all have valuable files, photos that we have collected over the ages, the loss of this items due to computer hardware failures, viruses can be eliminated with our ownCloud solutions designed to help people automatically backup specified files to an cloud instance solely accessible by yourself.- Web site design : Applications that will assist you to DIY your own web site (e.g: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc)- Word Processing, Spreadsheets : Help you move away from commercial applications such as Microsoft word and excel to applications that provide similar application richness without the price tag. (e.g: FengOffice)- Being on a cloud instance your cloud instance is accessible to you at home, in the office and anywhere you travel, provided you have a computer, internet access and time.For Developers:Are you a developer of software? And need to have environments to develop and test and promote the final code to your users to test, then Durga has a special place for you.- DURGA comprises of popular development suites such as LAMP Stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), pre-configured and ready for you to deploy to a cloud instance. We have taken away the headache of spending time in installing you application development platform so that you can spend more time doing what you do best coding.- DURGA provides developers the ability scale their applications to users, one you have developed a commercial application ready for users contact us and we will help you present this application in our DURGA marketplace. You can then direct all potential customers of your application to deploy to an cloud instance of their choice.For Enterprises:DURGA’s potential of 3D’s for enterprises is only limited only by your vision. DURGA provides enterprises with:- Rapid development platforms for trial or POC developments for potential customers. This is a very low cost development entry platform that can be initiated within hours.- Provides organisations with to trial backup and recovery testings.- Helps organisations build and deploy test environments rapidly in time critical projects.- Provides a mechanism for moving legacy but required applications from aging hardware platforms to private clouds providing you with the benefits of reducing the number of servers and power consumption in your data centre.
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