Benefits and Insights

Why use dcTrack®?

Key differentiators & advantages of dcTrack®

- Automatic recognition of make and model of asset makes adding or changing assets a much simpler and less time- consuming process.- Quick and easy way to get your system up and running. Easy to migrate from other solutions such as Excel® or other databases.- Detailed information in either text or image provides for more accurate asset management and the ability to quickly find various devices when needed.- Adds flexibility in selecting IT item and adds efficiency.- Adds flexibility in selecting IT item and adds efficiency.- Prepopulated equipment- related data adds efficiency. Routine updates keeps models library up-to-date for new makes and models of the IT equipment. The pictures of actual equipment adds clarity.- Integration between the data in the dcTrack database and the physical existence of IT items in the data center allows for a more accurate view of what’s in the data center. Information is kept current and up to date, and any moves, adds or changes are indicated via immediate alerts. This can save considerable time and money that is spent on capacity management, audits and frequent visits to the data center help defer or eliminate the need for an expansion.- Provides the ability to quickly see how much capacity is used and how much is available for better capacity planning.- Allows for quick identification of available space, power and network connectivity, which simplifies change management. Provides the ability to plan for future provisioning of IT equipment.- Track real-time power consumption for power efficiency.- Adds efficiency in network utilization and management.- End-to-end view of available power allows for better visibility, more efficiency, streamlined costs and maximized ROI.- Reduces the mean-time-to-repair(MTTR) by accelerating theinvestigation process for network failures, resulting in cost savings- Allows for better control over work-order process. Prevents unauthorized changes from being made and keeps data center asset information up to date.- Provides a smooth connection with current ticketing system, helping to avoid the need for a time-consuming, separate entry.- Frequently used reports add efficiency in quick reviews.- Easy integration allows the user to generate custom reports and analytics.- Clear dashboards provide a quick and easy way to determine available assets and capacity. An end-to-end view of the data center simplifies troubleshooting and assists with “what if" scenarios.- Easy import of drawings helps in timely changes to the floor.- Provides a clear picture of available power, energy and environmental trends among all assets. Helps provide accurate information on power usage which can be used to save on energy costs and maintain compliance.- Easy to install in your VMware environment and saves space and Energy- Easy to install with redundancy build-in
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