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Why use CumuLogic Platform-as-a-Service?

Key differentiators & advantages of CumuLogic Platform-as-a-Service

CumuLogic Platform empowers enterprises to deliver everything-as-a-service to boost developer productivity, speed time-to-market of applications, increase business agility while maintaing compliance and security of IT resources.- Developer productivity: Developers can focus on developing quality applications, rather than installing, configuring and managing infrastructure.- Time-to-Market: Enterprises can improve developer productivity and deliver applications in the shortest amount of time, dramatically improving business agility.- Standardized Platform: Enterprises can consolidate all diverse platform resources in one PaaS, eliminating variations of infrastructure services that are required to be supported, maintained and patched. All the applications can be developed and deployed using a common infrastructure, common libraries and frameworks, streamlining the application lifecycle from development and QA/Testing to staging and production.- Low cost of operations: A standardized platform eliminates the cost of the tools and time required to maintain multiple application environments. Most of the services are self managed and fault-tolerant, eliminating over 75% of management tasks associated with managing such services manually. A standard platform also reduces human error in the installation and configuration of services.- DevOps Efficiency: Developers and Ops can share the application environments and collaborate to accelerate the release of applications from months to hours. CumuLogic’s platform eliminates the need for developers and Ops to manually setup and test application environments and just simply “clone” the environments and customize them for better security and access controls, and optimiz the for production deployments. Applications can quickly move through the lifecycle from development testing to staging and production.- End Vendor Lock-in: CumuLogic’s platform abstracts the underlying APIs of the various IaaS clouds, enabling users to deploy CumuLogic platform and cloud services on any cloud.
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