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Why use Crowd?

Key differentiators & advantages of Crowd

  • Centralize identity management - Manage application permissions in one place, from the same console.
  • Manage application permissions in one place, from the same console. - Make life easy for your users – give them one username and password to log in to all the applications they need access to.
  • Connectors to everything - Connect and manage access to your applications – Atlassian Tools, Google Apps, Apache, Subversion, and more.
  • Integrate your apps - Change directories without impacting your applications.
  • Support for multiple directories - Map any combination of directories to a single application – perfect for managing users not in your main directory.
  • Manage group memberships - Save time by setting up new users to be automatically added to specified groups.
  • Create user aliases - User aliasing allows one user to have different usernames in different applications.
  • Consolidate your user bases - Reduce administrative overhead by migrating users from all your Atlassian applications into Crowd.
  • SSO: Log in once - Users can authenticate once, and be automatically logged in to all their Atlassian applications.
  • Available, all the time - Ensure users can access your other Atlassian applications – like Confluence and FishEye – while you are upgrading JIRA or performing maintenance that requires downtime.
  • Built to scale - Simplify your complexities. Manage thousands of users, hundreds of groups, and tons of apps – Crowd handles it all.
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