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Why use Control-M Workload Automation?

Key differentiators & advantages of Control-M Workload Automation

BMC Control-M SuiteBMC Control-M SelectSelf Service enables business users to request and manage workload services through a simple, role-based interface. Batch Impact Manager helps you manage workloads from a business perspective. Advanced File Transfer integrates and automates file transfers to minimize risks from failures. Business Process Integration (BPI)is an automation broker that allows real-time processes to be easily integrated into your workload automation environment.Cross-application supportmeans that jobs from all of your applications can be seen and managed in one place. Multi-platform coverageensures that each piece of a business process workflow is supported, no matter what platform it runs on. Enterprise Managerlets you deploy as many development, test, and production environments as you need to support your business. Conversion utilitiesare built in, making it easy to migrate to BMC Control-M. Customer supportoffers proactive planning and real-time answers, no matter where you're located. Multiple users come standard, including both Web and Planning and Full Admin roles. JCL Verify reduces job failures on the mainframe by maintaining accurate, error-free JCL.
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