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Investigative Best Practices Intake – Supports the intake of complaints or tips and leads in an intake form. These records can then be triaged based on recommendation of Accepted, Referred, or Declining. Workload Management – Supports unlimited assigned groups and individuals for cases. Prioritization - Column Case Investigative allows customers to quickly determine what cases have a high solvability factor or have a high priority through automated solvability scoring or (ASIM). Journal – The Journal will record all case activity. Relationships – Relationship engine can associate through data visualization ‘many-to-many’ any of the following: Complaints, Cases, People, Sites, Property, or Vehicles. Case Lifecycle – A case’s lifecycle is managed through electronic forms that are associated to a case. Approvals - Includes multi-level approvals, approval groups, and approval auditing. Property/Evidence – Manage property, evidence, and vehicles. Duplicate Management – Users can search for people, property, and locations using a search engine that allows them to search for any keyword. Reconciliation – Users can then go to a Reconciliation Console where potential duplicates are displayed. These duplicates can then be merged.
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