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Why use Cloudant?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cloudant

  • Cloudant's big data experts monitor your data 24/7 to ensure its high availability and safety. Dedicated customers get performance guarantees and priority access to support.
  • All read and write transactions can be synced across Cloudant's global data network without global locks, providing true high availability of your data. 
  • To keep latency low, our geo-load balancing infrastructure routes requests to the copies of the data that are geographically closest to the requestor. 
  • We’re mobile-ready. Cloudant not only syncs between data centers around the world, but also between data centers and mobile devices. 
  • Unlike Hadoop, Cloudant’s Incremental MapReduce keeps indexes up-to-date with new transactions and updates without requiring a full reindexing of your data. 
  • High-performance full-text indexing and search, without the difficulty and cost of managing text and operational data in separate databases. Includes multi-language support. 
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