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All features can be turned on or off for different teachers, from a central management interface. Impero is a network-wide Classroom Management Solution allowing you to manage the whole network, not just 1 classroom.As a company, we have always listened to your recommendations, and being able to incorporate these ideas into Impero in a matter of days has enabled us to always stay well ahead of any competition. Instruction / Ease of Use-Broadcast tutor screen to all or selected students-Broadcast student screen to others-Assign tasks for students to complete-User friendly interface with -Quick Access Toolbar-Access a teacher console from any computer in the network, given permission-Ask questions or give out an electronic exam, Impero will even mark the answers-Run Files and WebsitesMonitoring-Log all student computer activity to a central database [learn more]-Monitor and record an unlimited number of student screens in real-time [learn more]-As always, you can monitor 1 or more students from any number of teacher consoles at the same time-View current and previously opened windows, websites, applications, printed documents and deleted files-Detect written keywords or sentences with screenshot or video evidence-View evidence of attempts to access banned windows, websites and applications [learn more]-Impero will instantly alert you of violations such as students accessing banned websites - notification when a student is off task-Perform a number of operations such as logoff or send email upon violation detectionManagement-Blank some or all computer screens, locking mouse and keyboard-Restrict users to an 'allow-only' list of websites-Block access to any website, application, folder, hardware device or file [learn more]-Schedule any number of actions such as un-blocking flash games during lunchtime-Change a student network password-Enable/Disable student accounts-Immediate, delayed or scheduled power-on/off of computers network or classroom wide [learn more]-Create simple or complex grouping structures based on various criteria, eg. computer name-Send and Collect files from students-Send instant rich-text messages (add website urls and images)-Automated shutdown/logoff when computer is idle-Remote Login / logoff-Disable duplicate student logons to stop password sharing-Disable Internet, Printing, -USB Flash Drives or Mute Volume with 1 click-Assign costs to your printers and restrict who can print by giving students credit to print with [learn more]Network Administration-Remote Command Prompt to an unlimited number of computers-Remote Task and Services Manager-Remote Event Viewer-Remote Log on-Find files on remote computers-MiMiC Scripting - send keyboard commands to remote pcs-Deploy Software in MSI or EXE format-Full Hardware / Software Inventory [learn more]-Advanced Blocking / Policy System with Website, MIME, Application or Window filtering + Centralized Internet Firewall [learn more]-Lightning Fast Remote Control [learn more]-Active Directory and LDAP Integration-Execute remote processes or websites at elevated privilege-Automated shutdown/logoff when computer is idle-Immediate, delayed or scheduled power-on/off of computers network or classroom wide [learn more]-Print Management / Cost Control [learn more]-Notification low disk drive space and many other alerts network wide-Software Licence enforcement and loggingSecurity-Easily configure who can access an Impero Console using computer name, username, AD/LDAP security groups or IP Address-Each Impero process is encrypted and protected-The communication between clients and server uses 256bit AES encryption-All important files stored on the Impero Server are encrypted-Impero automatically updates itself using the Internet if any vulnerability is discovered-Impero will not fail to operate if the network cable is unplugged or if the PC is restarted-The services continue to run in safe mode and only administrators can uninstall the product-We offer 1st class support (offices open from 9am to 9pm) and regular product updates.-You only have to register Impero once on the Internet, not multiple times per Teacher Console like competitors-If you can think of a feature that is missing from Impero, tell us and we will endeavour to program the feature into Impero for the next release.
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