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Awareness & ResponseWebFilter provides over 6 billion ratingsper day for over 75 million users located inthe largest enterprise and service providernetworks around the world:

  • WebPulse has eight operation centers tosupport cloud defense analysis of over 1billion web requests per week
  • New web content or links detected byweb gateways or remote clients aresent in real-time to the WebPulse cloudfor DLA inspection where updates tothe master WebFilter database provideimmediate protection• Blocks malware, web threats, fakesoftware updates, fake AV offers,phishing offers and botnets orkeyloggers calling home
  • Blocks only web threats using DLAinspection, allowing users access topopular websites and avoiding overblocking• Provides web 2.0 filtering for mashed-up orcustomized web portals, blocking panels anddynamic content per policy settings
  • Provides coverage in over 50 languagesusing proprietary machine analysisknowledge algorithms and human ratersAccuracy & RelevanceWebFilter is 100% user driven for web contentrating inputs from a broad and diverse usercommunity without the need for web crawlersor artificial analysis:
  • For new customers, WebFilter quickly learnsuser web habits with real-time feedback forrelevance in new ratings
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