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Why use Azorian Penetration Testing?

Key differentiators & advantages of Azorian Penetration Testing

  • Online Attack Surface Analysis 
    - An external, unobtrusive assessment of a company’s employees, network, resources, partner relationships social media and applications that provides a one-time snapshot of digital risks and allows companies to identify potential data leakages. Azorian Cyber Security provides a comprehensive overview that enables the team to implement immediate security and remediation measures based on business needs.

  • External Assessment 
    - An external vulnerability scan that assesses and, with approval, penetrates the system and network through identified vulnerabilities. This assessment includes scanning, port and protocol discovery, vulnerability identification, and external web application review.

  • Edge Application Assessment 
    - An external assessment designed to identify application vulnerabilities in outward facing systems to determine how an attacker may gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Validation is conducted on several layers including web, applications and databases in order to identify possible threats.

  • Internal infrastructure Analysis
    - An internal assessment that identifies system and local access vulnerabilities by mimicking a trusted company employee. The assessment includes scanning, vulnerability identification and, upon request, a set number of attack exploitations.

  • Internal Application Analysis 
    - An internal application analysis that gauges application and local access weaknesses by mimicking a trusted employee’s actions. We attempt to circumvent controls and ascertain the likelihood of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

  • Social Engineering and Physical Security Testing 
    - Performed at key locations in order to determine risk for facility access by unauthorized individuals. Social engineering attempts are designed to replicate human errors, oversights or negligent operating procedures. In addition, analysis can include assessment of physical controls, monitoring devices and waste handling.

  • Wireless Technology Analysis 
    - A two-part evaluation that includes a sweep of a physical location looking for known vulnerable and rogue wireless devices, followed by an assessment of the organization’s wireless technology footprint including Bluetooth, RFID and other wireless signals. An inventory of all discovered devices is provided along with an analysis of risks, weaknesses and exposure to wireless attacks.

  • Embedded Threat Analysis 
    - An assessment of ‘non-traditional’ embedded technologies such as smart grid deployments, SCADA systems and others where the organization may be exploited.

  • Policy, Procedure and Control Review 
    - A benchmarking of an organization’s policies, procedures and security controls against industry best practices. A comprehensive review of IT procedures such as baseline builds , configurations for desktops, laptops, servers, remote access controls, firewall policies and log management.

  • Dynamic Threat Intelligence 
    - As an extension of your internal security and IT teams, we monitor and detect evolving threats. We provide you with actionable intelligence to help prevent these threats from damaging your organization, customers and reputation. Together, we keep your organization ahead of attackers.
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