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  • Intrepidus Group has expertise and experience with the following popular smartphone platforms: Apple's iOS (iPhone/iPad) Google's Android Palm's webOS RIM BlackBerry Windows Mobile BREW Java (J2ME/Java ME) 
  • Mobile Application Source Code Review Intrepidus Group employs its encompassing knowledge of mobile platforms to perform a manual code review of even the most sensitive functionality in an application. From low-level static analysis, to high-level policy and best practice comparisons, and everything in between, Intrepidus Group is able to provide a deep, thorough evaluation of your mobile application's security posture. Intrepidus Group has extensive experience reviewing code for the iOS platform (Objective-C and C) and the Android OS (Dalvik). 
  • Mobile Application Threat Modeling - The threat modeling process involves several key steps, the first of which is gaining an extensive understanding of the application. After gaining a firm understanding of the application and exploring its attack surface, Intrepidus Group will identify flaws and potential bugs in the key areas where an attacker could inflict the most damage. After the threat modeling process, Intrepidus Group creates a detailed report, which the development team can integrate into SDLC and update throughout the application's lifetime. 
  • Network & Application Penetration Testing Intrepidus Group can help you understand the risks faced by your networks and applications by performing hands-on penetration tests or vulnerability assessments. Our consultants focus on identifying the practical exploitable vulnerabilities, demonstrate their business impact, classify them based on risk, and provide detailed and understandable technology-specific remediation advice.
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