Benefits and Insights

Why use Application Security?

Key differentiators & advantages of Application Security

  • Application and Product Penetration Testing 
  • Identification of security weaknesses through penetration testing with or without code review 
  • Demonstration of weaknesses as needed to validate findings 
  • Simplified architecture review and threat modeling 
  • Characterization of the impact of a successful attack 
  • Recommend solutions for addressing weaknesses 
  • The application, protocol, or implementation's security posture is reported 
  • Upon request, a public facing document explaining the test methodology and results can be provided Application Design Review 
  • Conduct a review of a system's design 
  • Identify security implications of the design 
  • Perform threat modeling 
  • Perform a gap analysis between the design and industry best practices 
  • Enumerate conflicts between business requirements and security considerations so informed trade offs are made 
  • Recommend solutions for addressing security weaknesses 
  • Can be conducted prior to implementation, or once in production Application Code Review 
  • Examine sensitive areas of software code 
  • Identify security flaws including: race conditions, overflows, character set conversion problems, logical errors, bad assumptions, key management flaws, and cryptographic mistakes 
  • Recommend specific fixes and general coding practice improvements appropriate to the Client's environment - Lead groups of developer through code review exercises to enhance the Client's ability to audit code 
  • Upon request, a public facing document explaining the test methodology and results can be provided 
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